Friday, November 21, 2014

Give to be reviled, live to remain a child inside


The chief aspect I derived from this San Antonio post-punk scene I was immersed in for this space of time is solid virtue. That is I had no suggestions for the behavior of any of the people I interacted with. Instead I saw challenges each person is grappling with in his or her own way to the success, or to be overcome by them in the moment.

Having run right up at three hot-button issues of the day: cyber- bullying, creepy stalking and disregarding women's wishes to be comfortable in all public situations I have no difficulty understanding the fear and hostility I have inspired in a number of persons who are in the perrifery of my interaction with this scene.

I suggest those who feel my words, actions and challanges are misguided, creepy, fearful or unwelcome; the reason they seem so is as much each one's perception of them, and me at the moment. To the extent that these linger on in your own imagination. For my part I promise any action was forgotten immediatly after the moment that suggested it to me.

To those who are sympathetic to my work on this project I thank you and feel that in the end you will see my work as supportive in all aspects and kind in effect.

My prime objective for this project is as a historical document '25 years from now' of persons, and the music that moved them. A big part of that is the outfits that we wore; and the activities that surround the bands, and the shows.

Perhaps more others should try my path of one thing leads them to the next for local interactions. My luck has been very well; for I have met so many exciting and beautiful people ripe for actual real life friendship. My wife will guide me there as in most all else, but she never seems to turn up. My actions seem to become more worrisome when my behavior deviates from the worry-ers expectation. The key to easing these fears is not with me alone; but with every one who dares to become real world social.